Visting Terrain at Styers

vertical gardenSo it made sense that if I interviewed to be a buyer for Terrain, then I needed to see it! Terrain at Styers is about 30 minutes outside of downtown Philadelphia in a town called Glen Mills. The name of this location pays homage to its original beginnings as Styer’s Nursery. Now it’s an 11-acre home, garden, plant, wedding, cafe, furniture, nursery (everything!) store.

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An Interview at URBN

While in Philadelphia, I interviewed for a summer internship with the Terrain brand of URBN.  The URBN corporation consists of Anthropologie, FreePeople, Urban Outfitters, and Terrain.  Terrain is the newest of the URBN brands.  They opened their first location in 2008 and currently have two- Philadelphia and Westport, CT.  Terrain is a garden, home decor shop with a cafe and events space.  I applied for an internship in the Buying department in December and this Inspiration board was part of my application.Inspiration board Continue reading

Fig Tree Wooden Plant Stand

After we got rid of our Christmas tree and created our simple and clean house, we had some space left for a new addition.  Fiddle leaf fig trees are very popular and when I went to the farmers market a few weeks ago, I saw that a man was selling them. I knew once Christmas was over, this would be the next addition to our house. So J and I picked one out on Saturday.

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Simple and Clean in 2015


“Simple and Clean in 2015” I took that motto from Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”. The new year is a great opportunity to begin with a fresh start. For me, this means making resolutions, setting goals, and cleaning out the clutter! I live in a small apartment and over the past 6 months I’ve learned the importance of keeping it simple. There isn’t the space to have a ton of stuff here, so I must be more critical of the things I make and keep. Plus, while I’m a collector, my boyfriend is quite the minimalist so we’ve worked to create a balance. While he may not believe it, I really have put more care into what I bring into the house- you can’t collect every piece of driftwood (but maybe every other…).  Continue reading

Weekend Warriors- Fixing up the Cabin

As a Christmas gift to my Grandma and Grandpa, my parents wanted to build a bench and finish the walls of the dining room in my Grandparents’ cabin.  My uncle recently put new windows in and re-framed the wall.  It needed some finishing up and so my family offered to do it in their time off between Christmas and New Years.

My Dad built the frame of the window seat at home to save time.  Our plan was to insulate the walls, put up wainscoting, paint, and install the window seat.  It was a lot of work! Things didn’t always go as we had planned, but in the end it turned out beautiful.  We all had a lot of fun (most of the time…) and I’m glad I got to spend my birthday fixing up my favorite place.

Here are some pictures of the process:

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