Stress Free Summer ’15

If you know me, then you know that I am a big fan of making lists and checking things off! But in yoga this week, my teacher advised us to be careful when we put the activities that we like doing on our to-do lists. By adding coffee at the beach, or gardening, or all the other things we enjoy doing, we risk turning these activities into just another box to check.

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My Master’s Thesis

At my school, everyone works on their master’s thesis project as a group. What’s cool about them, too, is that each project is proposed by a member of the public in search of answers to a current environmental issue. I was assigned/I chose a project proposed by the City of Santa Barbara’s Planning Commission. Over the next year, myself and three others, will study the effects of housing on transportation patterns. Our environmental interest in transportation comes from the fact that it is one of the largest sources of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. We are trying to find out if creating housing closer to jobs is a successful way to reduce peoples’ driving, and therefore reduce their emissions. To kick-off the project, I created my team’s project website. If you want to learn more about some housing issues in Santa Barbara and how our project works, check it out here .