Simple and Clean in 2015


“Simple and Clean in 2015” I took that motto from Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”. The new year is a great opportunity to begin with a fresh start. For me, this means making resolutions, setting goals, and cleaning out the clutter! I live in a small apartment and over the past 6 months I’ve learned the importance of keeping it simple. There isn’t the space to have a ton of stuff here, so I must be more critical of the things I make and keep. Plus, while I’m a collector, my boyfriend is quite the minimalist so we’ve worked to create a balance. While he may not believe it, I really have put more care into what I bring into the house- you can’t collect every piece of driftwood (but maybe every other…). 

After the Christmas decorations were cleared out, I got to rearranging the decor we already had. I re-did our bookshelf, turning the books so their spines faced in. While this isn’t the most practical way to search for a book, having the white pages showing gives the shelves a cleaner look. It’s interesting too that with this new arrangement, our house seems to have so much more green. I added the kumquat branch from our yard and some clementines from farmers market- practical decorations and a reminder of the season.




With the loss of our Christmas tree, the room just seemed to be missing something.  So I took the opportunity to finally get a fiddle-leaf fig. A man sells them at the farmers market here at a great price so we drove the truck down on Saturday and picked out a new housemate. J and I spent the day making a stand for it- I’ll post more on that project later this week.


And finally, I spruced up the plants on our kitchen table. Our cabbages had seen better days. I decided to replace them with something more useful- so I got some Spearmint. The oregano also dried out during the vacation but some new shoots are beginning to sprout and the basil is stinging strong. Basil is definitely the most useful thing you can grow inside- as long as you make spaghetti as often as we do!



These small changes are a great way to add some new life to our house. January can be sad and dreary- with the weather and the end of the holiday season. By bringing some plants inside, you can add a fresh cheeriness to your indoor spaces.


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