A Graduation Party for M

IMG_9586I can’t believe M has graduated and is off to college soon 😦 It seems crazy to me! We couldn’t send her off to Texas without a celebration BBQ. My Dad will take any excuse to make ribs and my Mom and I are always ready to decorate, so this was a fun event!


I found some ideas on Pinterest for guest sign-ins that used Polaroids so we pulled out M’s camera and an old spring cushion my Mom had. We made a spot for guests to leave their picture and some advice for M as she heads off to school.


We chose a red-checkered-Texas-farm theme for the decorations. I made lots of them in-between studying for finals.


We had many pictures of M!

Some good…


And some, less good…

IMG_9574 IMG_9591

IMG_9577 IMG_9587 IMG_9589IMG_9590

And of course, there was tons of meat!!


(That was not my plate!) Matching red! IMG_9592

And for the grand finale… a purple TCU dessert table!

IMG_9578 IMG_9575 IMG_9576 IMG_9581

We all had a great time- especially Hurley!



Stress Free Summer ’15

If you know me, then you know that I am a big fan of making lists and checking things off! But in yoga this week, my teacher advised us to be careful when we put the activities that we like doing on our to-do lists. By adding coffee at the beach, or gardening, or all the other things we enjoy doing, we risk turning these activities into just another box to check.

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Getting Ready for Christmas

It was hard to do, but I waited until after Thanksgiving to start my Christmas decorating! I think it is important to give Thanksgiving its moment- it’s a special holiday that focuses on family and gratitude while others can sometimes get lost in the materialism. Anyways, I really like decorating for Christmas, I think it’s just a fun time of year to celebrate and be happy! Plus it’s a good excuse to change up the look of your house, especially when we are spending more and more time indoors with Winter’s arrival.

I decided I wanted to make an Advent calendar for J so that he could have smaller presents spread out over 12 days. So Saturday night he went to work and I got busy transforming our main room!

We don’t really have a focal point in our living room- except maybe the TV- so I turned our bookshelf into a fireplace, covering the front with cardboard that I stamped to look like bricks. I’d seen this jute twine sheet stuff at ACE earlier and I knew I wanted to decorate with it somehow and this seemed like a good opportunity. I just draped it over the top of our fireplace and then used it as a tree skirt below.

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