Visting Terrain at Styers

vertical gardenSo it made sense that if I interviewed to be a buyer for Terrain, then I needed to see it! Terrain at Styers is about 30 minutes outside of downtown Philadelphia in a town called Glen Mills. The name of this location pays homage to its original beginnings as Styer’s Nursery. Now it’s an 11-acre home, garden, plant, wedding, cafe, furniture, nursery (everything!) store.

As everyone told me at the interview, this is the worst time of year to visit Terrain (hah lucky us)- its the middle of winter so there are no outdoor plants, and the holiday season is over now, too.  But we still enjoyed our visit and the fresh snow was exciting to me! So fluffy! We were the only ones outside for most of the time.




fire pit outdoors IMG_2949 IMG_2950 stacked wood IMG_2955

The wedding space

eucalyptus wreath sunlight


The sunrooms felt like we were back in California!


mushroom garden table setting

Green house

small bottles Silk flowers Stacks of pots

We had lunch in the cafe, too. I definitely took note of the bread baked in a flower pot to replicate back at home. 

Hanging staghorn fernCafe at Terrain

Bread in a flower potCafe at Terrain
Into the Mushroom Hut, one of the original buildings on the site from when it was Styer’s Nursery.  Many similarities to my grandparent’s cabin in Cambria.

IMG_2944IMG_2934 IMG_2936 IMG_2940IMG_2941IMG_2937 Hudson bay blanket We had a great time at Terrain and I’m so glad we finally got to see it in person! But now I really want to see it in the Spring!!


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