A Graduation Party for M

IMG_9586I can’t believe M has graduated and is off to college soon 😦 It seems crazy to me! We couldn’t send her off to Texas without a celebration BBQ. My Dad will take any excuse to make ribs and my Mom and I are always ready to decorate, so this was a fun event!


I found some ideas on Pinterest for guest sign-ins that used Polaroids so we pulled out M’s camera and an old spring cushion my Mom had. We made a spot for guests to leave their picture and some advice for M as she heads off to school.


We chose a red-checkered-Texas-farm theme for the decorations. I made lots of them in-between studying for finals.


We had many pictures of M!

Some good…


And some, less good…

IMG_9574 IMG_9591

IMG_9577 IMG_9587 IMG_9589IMG_9590

And of course, there was tons of meat!!


(That was not my plate!) Matching red! IMG_9592

And for the grand finale… a purple TCU dessert table!

IMG_9578 IMG_9575 IMG_9576 IMG_9581

We all had a great time- especially Hurley!



2 thoughts on “A Graduation Party for M

  1. Thanks Kaitlin for the write-up and pictures on graduation party- now I feel like I was partly there-. Enjoy everything you post about yourself – keep it up . love you


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