An Interview at URBN

While in Philadelphia, I interviewed for a summer internship with the Terrain brand of URBN.  The URBN corporation consists of Anthropologie, FreePeople, Urban Outfitters, and Terrain.  Terrain is the newest of the URBN brands.  They opened their first location in 2008 and currently have two- Philadelphia and Westport, CT.  Terrain is a garden, home decor shop with a cafe and events space.  I applied for an internship in the Buying department in December and this Inspiration board was part of my application.Inspiration board

The interview day was huge with so many people applying for summer internships.  I met some great Terrain designers for my interview and went on a tour of the awesome home office of URBN.  It was a fun day eating in the cafeteria and touring the buildings- you can see where the inspiration comes from- this isn’t just a carpet-drywall-cubicle office space.

BLDG 543: The main building that houses the cafeteria, cafe, gym, library, and some offices.



Free People Building: Free Peoplemeeting space decor hallway

Urban Outfitters Building:

original signcarpeted stairs tree bench

Terrain Building: 
display wallvignette sitting terrain

Anthropologie Building: clothes Chandelier IMG_2889 IMG_2892

My final Philly post coming next- our trip to Terrain!


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