Bread in a Flower Pot!

Bread in a flower potDo you remember when I went to Terrain and posted this picture of our lunch? As soon as we saw it, my Mom and I were talking about how we could make this at home.  And it’s really easy! Continue reading


DIY: Giant Clam Shell

IMG_3230This is one of those projects where I just got really lucky! My Mom has been wanting one of these giant clam shells for a while but every time we find one they’re so expensive- like hundreds of dollars for the really big ones! So of course I went to Pinterest to search for a homemade version.  One of the pins was for a DIY by a girl who found a giant plastic shell serving dish at a thrift store and painted it.  Honestly, I thought it was a dumb tutorial because what are the chances you are going to find one of these plastic bowls?!  I dismissed the idea and went on to thinking about how I could paper-mache one.  But then luck struck and at the Ventura Flea Market, what do you know, I found a giant blue plastic shell bowl- exactly like the one from Pinterest!!

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Eating at The Lark

Hello! I haven’t forgotten about the blog… just got sucked into grad school.  When I signed up for school I knew it would be hard but I never thought it would be so time-consuming.  Spending 8 hours a day on campus and then doing homework after doesn’t leave much time for crafting or exploring. The good news is that Spring quarter looks lighter! The Lark

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Visting Terrain at Styers

vertical gardenSo it made sense that if I interviewed to be a buyer for Terrain, then I needed to see it! Terrain at Styers is about 30 minutes outside of downtown Philadelphia in a town called Glen Mills. The name of this location pays homage to its original beginnings as Styer’s Nursery. Now it’s an 11-acre home, garden, plant, wedding, cafe, furniture, nursery (everything!) store.

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An Interview at URBN

While in Philadelphia, I interviewed for a summer internship with the Terrain brand of URBN.  The URBN corporation consists of Anthropologie, FreePeople, Urban Outfitters, and Terrain.  Terrain is the newest of the URBN brands.  They opened their first location in 2008 and currently have two- Philadelphia and Westport, CT.  Terrain is a garden, home decor shop with a cafe and events space.  I applied for an internship in the Buying department in December and this Inspiration board was part of my application.Inspiration board Continue reading