Spring Break Road Trip!

Where have I been? Getting back to a new quarter of classes! But before things got too crazy, J and I went on a road trip for my Spring Break. It was lots of driving- but lots of fun, too!Road trip

We took a small detour to drive along Route 66, stopping at this store along the road for Cokes and to check out all the owner’s junk.  She could make big bucks in California!Route 66We stopped for the first night in Williams, Arizona. The town exists pretty much just for tourists on their way to the Grand Canyon. J and I were the youngest ones around by more than a couple years. But town was cute in its old-fashioned way.  We liked this Dairy Queen but it was closed for the off-season.
Dairy Queen Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Check this one off the bucket list! We got back on the road early and finally made it to the Grand Canyon. Let’s just say it’s big, like huge. When it hits you that this whole thing was made by a river over millions of years, it’s pretty crazy. Sadly, though, it’s finished. The Colorado River has eroded through so many layers of rock only to reach the Bedrock- an impenetrable layer.
Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Overlook Of course for sporty J, just looking at the Grand Canyon isn’t enough. So we hiked down one of the trails that takes you into the canyon a bit. It was horrible! For anyone with a fear of heights this hike is not a good idea. But it was an experience, and we survived!

After a few hours exploring the Grand Canyon from a safer vantage point, we hit the road again and headed North.

There were many, many stretches of empty road.On the road

And we had to pass over the Colorado River again, but I kept my distance.  On the other side of this canyon perched a pair of Condors. We found out later that seeing them was pretty lucky as there are only 35 in the state of Arizona.Colorado River

Once in Utah, we stopped in St. George for the night. A town with giant milkshakes! We rested and made another early morning to reach our next destination of Zion National Park.

It’s no surprise that there were so many people visiting the park. Zion is an oasis in the middle of a red desert. Zion National Park

It even has hikes through waterfalls and into emerald pools.
Zion Waterfall

Emerald Falls Trail Zion National Park

Zion is like the opposite of the Grand Canyon. While at the Grand Canyon you’re on top looking down, at Zion you’re at the bottom looking up.  A better view in my opinion. Cacti at Zion

Our final day included lots of driving! Our big stop was too see the Hoover Dam. It was surprisingly fancy and had marble bathrooms on top of the dam.Hoover Dam But here’s the view from the top of the dam looking out to Lake Mead. So after some research, we found out that the white line around the lake is the historic high water mark. Currently, Lake Mead is about 10 feet above the lowest it has ever been.

Lake Mead

And the final stop of our trip- good old Santa Barbara.  Santa Barbara Harbor


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