Eating at The Lark

Hello! I haven’t forgotten about the blog… just got sucked into grad school.  When I signed up for school I knew it would be hard but I never thought it would be so time-consuming.  Spending 8 hours a day on campus and then doing homework after doesn’t leave much time for crafting or exploring. The good news is that Spring quarter looks lighter! The Lark

I thought I would show some pictures from a fancy night out J and I had a few weeks ago.  We crossed the train tracks to one of the most popular restaurants here in Santa Barbara, The Lark.  While it may be known for its creative and local menu, I was most impressed with the building design and re-use of old materials.   re-use seating recycled furniture A giant staghorn fern!Staghorn fern and firewood And just across the parking lot, The Lark’s neighbor, Lucky Penny.  That copper wall is covered in pennies!Lucky Penny Even the waiters’ stand was cute with old colorful benches and milk bottles for water.restaruant The whole outside patio is surrounded by this window vertical garden installation. vertical garden The Lark Santa Barbara


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