Valentine’s at the Drive-In!

For Valentine’s Day this year I surprised J and we went to the drive-in.  We went a week early because the drive-in here rarely gets good movies.  But on Thursday they were playing the new Spongebob movie which I knew we’d both be entertained by 🙂 valentine's day popcorn I made this Valentine’s popcorn which was really good! You make the plain popcorn the old-fashioned way and then put melted white chocolate over it.  Mix it around really good, lay it out on a baking sheet, and sprinkle it with candy hearts and sprinkles.  I made way too much, but it was so good! making valentine popcorn We piled literally every cushion and blanket we have in our house into my car and headed to Goleta for the movie.  The bed of my truck was really comfy and we had a lot of fun. Until we ate too much popcorn… the drive-in

I found the popcorn recipe on Pinterest but the website it came from is here. Happy Valentine’s Day! (And Friday the 13th…)


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