Just because it’s midterm time doesn’t mean I can’t have any fun! Here are some things going on around here:

J and I went to the monarch butterfly grove in Ellwood. There were thousands of butterflies clinging to the eucalyptus trees in big clumps.Elwood butterfly grove And some were being bad!monarch butterfly

We get some pretty cool sunsets outside our window- not a bad view!Santa barbara sunset

My friend gave me this cute print for Christmas.  It’s an image of an otter printed on an old dictionary present

And a Ventura flea market find- a Hudson Bay blanket.  I don’t think it’s that old, and it has a rip, but for 15 dollars its a nice blanket and now I won’t have to steal my Mom’s.hudson bay blanket blanket

We gave our window herbs a sprucing! For some reason our old mint didn’t last long- I think I under-watered it.
spring herbs

And some new cacti for our front door. Bad feng-shui but they’re the only things that survive the blast of afternoon sun that spot gets. cacti

So exciting! Our fiddle-lleaf fig has gotten 5 new leaves in the past two weeks! I’ve never had a plant like it so much here!!
fiddle-leaf fig


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