TBT: Reclaimed Wood California Sign

Today I want to talk about one of my projects from this past summer- a California sign made out of reclaimed wood.

california sign over sinkFor this California sign I used more of the same wood from my grandparents’ cabin that I used to make my bench.  Some of it has the green color, some is painted brown, but most of the pieces I chose for this project were left the natural redwood.

First, I laid out all the pieces and traced the shape of California onto them in chalk.  I then cut out the shape with a jigsaw.  This was my first project with a power saw and it wasn’t too hard.  Luckily my shingles are thin so they cut easily and the shape was not too complex.  I used some other scrap wood pieces for the back; to hold it together and to hang on the wall.jig saw work recycled wood

The greens and browns ended up looking really good in our light colored kitchen.  And the bench is nearby to complete the set! This was a simple and cheap project that I copied from a store here in Santa Barbara.  There, signs smaller than this sold for 100 dollars- this cost me nothing to make!California sign


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