DIY: An Easy Indoor Garden

I already have quite a few plants in my kitchen for being a pretty small space, but I was really disappointed that the flower seeds I planted in my community garden box a few weeks ago never sprouted. This might sound weird, but I think ants carried the seeds away…I have a huge ant problem in my garden, every time I water swarms of ants come out- like seriously hundreds! I think the box is on an ant nest! I can’t really do anything about them because its an organic garden (I’ve tried diamataceous earth, but it didn’t help much). So yes, I read online that ants will sometimes carry the seeds away.IMG_2379In comes the egg carton! On some gardening blogs and sites I’ve seen recommendations to start your seeds indoors in an old egg carton.  Then, when the sprout is ready, you can put the egg straight into the ground and the egg shell will provide nutrients to the soil. I thought this would be a good way to grow some flowers in my kitchen.

I got a half-dozen eggs at Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago from Lily the Chicken 🙂 When I ate them, I cracked the top off very carefully and then washed them out.  The planting was really simple, just dirt and seeds in the egg. Put it in a sunny spot and water every other day. When the seeds have four leaves, then you can plant them outside.IMG_2381


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