Happy Turkey Day!


A fun tradition that my family has for Thanksgiving is we “adopt” one of Farm Sanctuary’s turkeys.  Farm Sanctuary is an organization that rescues factory farm animals and gives them the chance to live out the rest of their days in a better place.  They have two locations in California and one in New York and they offer tours of their farm and various vegan events.  Every year, they have about 6 turkeys that are currently living on their farms and available for “adoption” by the public.  It’s called adoption, but really it’s more of a sponsorship because we don’t actually take the turkey.  But you get a cute picture of it, and its nice just to support their cause.

This year, we chose Martha as our adoptee.  For a turkey, she’s actually kinda cute!

As I was browsing the web I came across pictures from Farm Sanctuary’s annual Thanksgiving event.  It’s a reversal of the traditional dinner in that the turkeys do the eating! There is still a dinner for the people, although it is definitely vegan and turkey-free. The pictures of the turkeys eating the salad and squash mash are pretty funny. Maybe next year we’ll go!

I don’t want to ruin everyone’s Thanksgiving here, but I just have to say that the truth of how farm animals are treated is really very sad. It’s the reason I’m a vegetarian- even though I seriously miss hot wings!  So tomorrow, please be thankful for the turkey that you are eating and maybe promise to go meat-less on Monday.


My family doesn’t know this yet, but Martha will also be present at our Thanksgiving…


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