TBT: Cabin Wood Bench

Hi!  I’ve decided to create a new column here on StateStreetGreen where I will present my past projects.  It won’t be the same format as my DIY column because I won’t be giving step-by-step instructions.  Instead, its just a way to display some of the things I’ve made.  I’m calling this column TBT which stands for “Throw Back Thursday”.  TBT is a popular idea on social media sites- people post old pictures with the hashtag #TBT.

I chose my first TBT project because it is the background of my blog header and the first thing anyone sees when they come here. It’s actually a bench at my kitchen table.

IMG_2229I made the bench this summer out of reclaimed wood from my grandparents’ beach house.  In June, my uncle replaced the porch wall and I found these green shingle pieces in the scrap pile.  At some point, part of the porch had been painted this color, while the rest was left a more natural brown.  I knew I had to save all the green ones because they were the exact color I had just painted some other furniture projects.


The rest of the bench structure was made out of FSC pine that I painted with white chalk paint.  I went with a simple design to really highlight the porch wood.  To make this bench more functional (and less splintery!), I covered the top with a layer of epoxy resin.  It was a fun process and something that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now.  It really wasn’t hard, you just have to read the directions before-hand and be ready to work quickly.


And somehow a bug got into the resin while it was drying…

This is one of my favorite pieces that I have made.  I love that I have a piece of my grandparent’s cabin here in my house.  It’s cool that someone chose this same paint color probably 50 years before I did, too.  And it ended up matching perfectly to the kitchen tile in my apartment when I moved a few months later.  We eat dinner on this bench every night (yes, it is strong enough to hold 2!) and I often wonder how the cabin would have looked painted this mint green!


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