DIY Mounted Staghorn Fern

Today I mounted my Staghorn fern onto an old fence board I had.  These are rainforest plants so they like to grow vertically.  This makes them perfect for hanging up on your wall! IMG_1452.JPG


-Staghorn fern

-Wood plank

-Picture hanging kit

-Nails (5-10)


-Fishing line

So the first thing I will tell you is make sure that you put your picture hook on before you do anything else! It makes this project way more difficult if you forget and mount your fern before putting the hook on the back.

IMG_1300The next step is to hammer nails into the board to serve as anchors for your fern.  Measure out the size of your root ball and the positioning.  The ferns grow up and tall so I placed the root ball towards the bottom of my plank.  Hammer the nails in a circle.  If you have nails with big heads it will make your stringing process easier.IMG_1308.JPG Then take your fern and shake the loose dirt off.  Wrap the root ball in the sheet moss.  Most Staghorn ferns have a shield. This is that hard brown disc at the base of its leaves.  You will want to have that facing out from the plank and keep that uncovered by the moss because you don’t want it to rot. (My fern is too young to have a shield yet).IMG_1314.JPGThen place your mossy root ball in between your nail circle.  Take a length of fishing line and just start wrapping it over the root ball, back and forth.  Hook it around your nails and cross over the ball many times.  This might take a bit of practice but once you see how it works, its not too difficult.  I wrapped mine pretty tight.  Over time the moss will expand and cover the string so don’t worry if it shows a lot.  That also goes for covering any nails that may be showing.

And that’s it! Hang up your staghorn away from direct sunlight.  I put mine in the bathroom because it will get a lot of indirect light and it will also enjoy the humidity from our showers.  Every 7 days or so put your fern in the bath tub or sink and run water through the root ball.  Leave it there for a few hours so it can drain out (and not get your wall wet).  I mist my fern every few days as well, especially when it is hot.IMG_1443


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