My Garden

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAfter moving to an apartment with no yard or patio space, I realized I needed to find an alternative place to garden.  I decided to rent a spot at St. Michael’s Church in Isla Vista.  They’ve got ten community garden boxes set up and you can rent one for $5 a month to cover the cost of water.

DAY 0: When I chose my box, there were some remnants from the previous tenant. These came out and in went some fresh cow manure to amend the soil. I turned it all over real well and then let it sit for a week.IMG_1893


This was my first trip to ACE.  You know how they say “Ace, the helpful place”?  Well that’s really true! An employee saw me looking at the vegetable section and told me exactly when the truck would be coming with fresh stock.  So two days later I showed up and got the first pick of the crop!

IMG_1963 What I chose:

-Supreme 6 Lettuce Mix


-Paris Island Cos

-Victoria Cherry Rhubarb

-Green Cabbage

-Yellow Onion


-Danvers Half Long Carrot seeds

I picked all of these varieties because of their success as a fall planting in my zone 10+. (Except the rhubarb- that may take at least a year to harvest, but I saw it at the garden center and had to buy it)


DAY 1: In the ground! It was so exciting to pick out my plants and put them in the ground.  I put the lettuces along the edge and the rhubarb in the center surrounded by the broccoli and cabbage.  The onions are planted randomly throughout and the carrot seeds are in the empty spaces in the front and back of the box.


DAY 14: (So somehow I forgot to take a picture on Day 7)

Everything is growing!  One of my lettuces mysteriously went missing after the first night.  It was completely gone down to the root ball…

DAY 21: IMG_2011

I planted some potatoes that we had in our cupboard and had sprouted eyes.  I just cut them up and let them dry before putting them in the ground under mounded up soil.

DAY 28:

IMG_1016.JPGOn this day I added 3 ornamental cabbages to the box and some Indian Summer Rudbeckia seeds.  The cabbage is for a fall decoration I want to make later and the seeds will grow into a sunflower variety.



Day 35: IMG_2154

J and I visited the garden to collect our first harvest.  We picked some lettuces and plan to eat them as a salad for dinner tonight!


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