A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch


On Sunday J and I headed out to the Santa Ynez Valley for some pumpkin picking! We weren’t really sure where we were headed so we just drove through the winding hills.  Eventually we spotted Summerset Farms.  We lucked out because they had a ton of pumpkins to choose from and some other surprises, too!


They had a field of berries you could pick yourself.  We got to search for raspberries and blackberries among their prickly vines and pulled a few apples off the tree.  And the strawberries were so good!  We may or may not have sampled a few fruits while we were picking- there really is no comparison to a strawberry straight off the bush.



This little apple tree was struggling to stay upright so the farmer had used an old table to support it.

IMG_2047This was another surprise- a honeybee hive.  You could watch the bees funnel in from outside and head to this box where the honeycomb was kept.  It was interesting to get an inside look at how the bees worked.


There was no shortage of giant pumpkins here!


And more fields of pumpkins waiting to be chosen.


But choosing the right one for carving took some time.  We had to consider things like shape and stem.


I think it was obvious we didn’t want this one.  Poor guy.


This was my pick! For some reason, unknown even to me, it has become a Kaitlin tradition to choose the “Pickle Pumpkin”.  I don’t carve it, and I don’t know what kind it is, but I get it every year!


And on the way home we stopped by a house that had miniature donkeys in the front yard- they liked their ears scratched- just like a dog!


Here’s the pumpkins in our house! I made a bit of a fall corner on our bookshelf.  By adding pumpkins, cotton stems, an industrial-style chair and an old green farm box I was able to make this beachy area of our home more fit for the season.  We can’t wait for Halloween to carve our pumpkins!


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