DIY Succulent Wall Hanging

IMG_4983This weekend I finally got around to a project I have been looking at for months!  These succulent wall hangings have been showing up on Pinterest and magazines for the last year or so.  When my mom and I went to the Ventura Flea Market, she bought a frame- forcing me into action!

My frame came ready to go with a wire grid and backing to help hold the succulents in place.  Frames like this can be found on Etsy (sorry i dont remember who made this one).  I’ll give a brief description of how to make your own in another post- it’s really not that hard.


-cactus soil


-succulents- this will vary depending on the size of your frame, mine took 9.


IMG_1248The first step is to fill your frame with soil.  Cactus soil has a higher rock concentration to improve drainage since cacti are used to the quick-draining, sandy soil of the desert.  Fill to about the edge of the frame so it is level.  Halfway through filling the soil I added a bit of moss to hold it all in place better.


Arrange your succulents.  I chose a diagonal line pattern for my mini barrel cacti.  I really like the pieces that have arranged the plants in a pattern.  I feel like that makes this even more of an art piece.



Next, plant your succulents.  Just push the roots into the grid as best you can, over time they will attach themselves better.


Cover the empty spaces with your moss, pressing it into the soil and making sure the roots are tucked in.

And that’s it, just water it!  While the plants are rooting, they should be watered twice a week.  Once they are established, you can water once a week or less.  For now, they should have partial sun- mine is in a sunny spot indoors.  But eventually they will like a morning sun/afternoon shade or morning shade/afternoon sun combination.

Oh and the most important part, your frame must stay flat for 3 months so the plants can root- this waiting is the hardest part of the project!


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